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Kelly H.

In this market real estate tends to sell itself on the strength of product and the scarcity of real estate. However, we learned how beneficial it was to have a really strong Realtor like Debbie represent us – both on the sell side and the buy side. After a couple of false starts on the sell side and some unique attributes of our home combined with the timing of our sale, months of pre-work on her part proved instrumental in closing on a buyer. More significantly, on the buy side we competed against 8 other buyers with a really short turnaround and she really proved her worth by playing a brilliant offer and negotiation game so that we could be competitive and be in pole position to win the house. And we did! We also learned how valuable it was to have someone like Debbie who knows everyone in the biz and has first look at almost all inventory when and sometimes before it comes online. Highly recommended!