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Selling with Debbie



Debbie has built her reputation on integrity and a strong work ethic. She has represented nearly 1,000 client transactions and her flow of business allows her to always have a pulse on the market. Debbie is confident, positive and a straight-forward communicator with a keen sense of detail and due diligence. She is patient, strategic and thinks outside the box, giving her clients the edge over the competition.


Debbie was born on the Peninsula and has resided in numerous cities in the Bay Area. She has an intimate knowledge of the local markets in San Mateo County and surrounding areas.


Debbie is recognized for her integrity and impeccable reputation, earning the trust of her clients and colleagues. She treats people with kindness and respect, and always puts her client’s interests first. Relationships with her clients are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. Whether her client is selling a $10,000,000 home or a studio condominium, she gives the same care, consideration and effort to every client.


This call covers the client’s initial goals and helps Debbie understand current needs.


The first meeting is typically at the client’s home and takes about 60 minutes. A thorough walk-through takes place, and Debbie takes diligent notes of existing improvements that may have been made to the home. Debbie recommends the areas of the home that may need improving so it is presented at its very best. Market conditions, neighborhood/area statistics and the timing of putting the home on the market are discussed.


The second meeting may take up to 90 minutes. Debbie creates an ideal timeline to get the home ready to list, providing a calendar of all aspects of services that Debbie manages. A strategic and targeted marketing plan for the home is reviewed. She covers the “do’s and don’ts” of listing a home, the nuances of the local market, positioning the home for the market and a possible sales price range. She reviews applicable legal listing documents and disclosures.


Debbie has a systematic approach with all her listings. She has a powerful network of industry experts she has cultivated over the years. These professionals include legal and tax experts, designers, estate sellers, decluttering/organizing experts, stagers, painters, contractors, handymen, flooring providers, electricians, plumbers, cleaners, window washers, gardeners, landscapers, and architects. She coordinates and manages these professionals to transform her

client’s home to maximize the value. As a result, her clients have found these vendors extremely valuable for enhancing their homes to receive the highest possible price for their home.


Aligning herself with the largest real estate offices in San Mateo County and the #1 brand in the industry, Coldwell Banker, Debbie implements a cutting-edge targeted marketing program that syndicates worldwide. It has a positive impact on her client’s outcome, regardless of her expenditures. She utilizes professional photographers, videographers, a pervasive online presence, social media and realtor networking, combined with Coldwell Banker’s marketing tools. She delivers to her clients, in writing, a report on all showings and marketing activities conducted each week.


One of Debbie’s main objectives is to negotiate the highest possible price and the most favorable terms for her clients. She educates her clients on the offer process so that they can make the best decisions. Her ability to decipher complex buyer qualifications and financial statements is second to none. With Debbie’s 29 years of experience, combined with Coldwell Banker’s legal team, she has sold nearly 1,000 homes without legal ramifications.


Debbie and her team check in daily/weekly with the clients during the transaction regarding the progress of the transaction. Debbie and her assistant Stacy devote themselves to the success of the transaction by developing a calendar of deadline dates for the contract contingencies, deposit checks, appraisal and loan funding/closing. They advise the clients on the last-minute utility, insurance, contractual maintenance and clean-up during each sale. They strive for a smooth and stress-free transaction.


Debbie prides herself on her commitment to and strong work ethic for each client, “to go above and beyond” by providing superior customer service which leads to lifelong relationships between the client and Debbie. She continues to be a resource for her clients for years to come. Debbie’s ultimate reward is to see that many years after a transaction closes, she is remembered by her clients fondly because she was such a strong advocate for them. She relishes helping people achieve their dreams and goals, one transaction at a time.

Debbie and her team are truly head and shoulders above the competition.